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Supercharge your business with Expo XT Collaboration Analytics and unlock valuable insights into customer interactions, team collaboration, and enterprise-wide communication trends. Our UCC solution seamlessly integrates with popular collaboration and voice communication tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex/Suite, Expo XT enables you to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Dive deep into communication patterns across all modalities with chat, voice, and meeting reports.

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Complete UC & UCaaS Reporting
for Chat, Meetings, and Voice

call analytics

Simplified, Consolidated Call Analytics

Multiple platforms, multiple communication modalities, one UC reporting solution. Expo XT aggregates data from multiple sources to deliver complete, crystal clear insights on the entire communication network.

  • Hybrid UC and UCaaS Reports

    Expo XT can blend UC and UCaaS call analytics data with on-premise PBX cdr reporting for easy reporting and total insight regardless of the communication platform.

  • Insight on EVERY Interaction

    Every chat, video meeting, and voice call can be extracted and reported on with Expo XT so you can glean insight on customer behavior and communication preferences.

  • Predictive UC Analytics

    Expo XT uses predictive analytics to detect call trend patterns and anticipate peak call volume, enabling you to proactively respond to trends.

Meeting Attendee Reports

Meeting Reports

Detailed Metrics

UC Dashboards

Turn Data Into


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Advanced UC


UC Reports

Every Interaction

Chat. Meeting. Call.

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Improve Your Communication Channels

Unneccesary meetings cost businesses millions each year.

Expo XT’s dashboards offer historical data and trends, enabling supervisors to identify call patterns, anticipate peak call periods, and allocate resources effectively to improve communication channels, increase productivity and minimize customer wait times.

  • Identify Meeting Inefficiencies

    Manage meeting duration and participant numbers to find inefficient communication channels that are costing productivity time.

  • AI Analysis of Voice Calls and Recordings

    Metropolis solutions uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract, transcribe and analyze voice calls and recordings.

Measure and Cultivate Team Collaboration

Identify where teamwork is thriving and where improvement is needed. Expo XT provides valuable insights by measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) related to user adoption of collaboration tools, employee engagement, and meeting efficiency.

Connects with ALL your UC and UCaaS tools:

Got Teams? Zoom? Webex? Mitel? NEC? Avaya CM? Cisco CUCM?
Get one solution to manage reporting on every chat, meeting, and voice call across the ENTIRE enterprise.

Teams Report

Expo XT Teams

CQD data is at your fingertips to see all your analytics quickly. Our preset filters will steer users in the right direction. Scheduled or one-click reports, whatever you need effortless and instantly.

Webex Reports

Expo XT Webex

Expo XT reveals insights on every chat, video, and voice interaction for comprehensive usage adoption, productivity and collaboration statistics.​ Expo XT reports on EVERYTHING Cisco.

Cisco CUCM Report


Expo XT collects data Cisco CUCM and the entire Cisco Suite to deliver a comprehensive picture of every message, meeting, and voice call, from UC and UCaaS to legacy Cisco PBX data.


Expo XT Zoom

Get the most from your Zoom investment! From Zoom Phone, Zoom Meeting, and Zoom Chat, Expo XT offers a comprehensive view of your team's communication in all channels.


Test Drive Expo XT for Yourself

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