Cisco CUCM, UCCX & Webex Reporting with Expo XT

Actionable Cisco Insights through Collaboration Analytics
Expo XT reports on EVERYTHING Cisco. Wether you are using one Cisco product, or the entire suite, Expo XT reveals insights into CUCM, UCCX, and/or Webex to deliver data on every chat, video, and voice interaction for comprehensive usage adoption, productivity and collaboration statistics.​

Webex Meeting Reports

Detailed analytics on meetings, messages, and voice, including call details, attendee data, call duration and status.

Cisco Call Quality (CQD)

Expo XT simplifies Cisco Webex, CUCM, and Cisco Suite data into easy-to-interpret CQD dashboards and data visualizations.

Webex Call Analysis

Search, analyze, and report on your Cisco and Webex call history and get visualized call flow data through Expo XT

Cisco Webex Dashboard

How Expo XT Makes Cisco CUCM, UCCX, & Webex Better

Expo XT provides detailed reporting and valuable insights by offering granular visibility into meetings, channel activity, member interactions, and voice calls.

With AI-driven data processing and sentiment analysis, Expo XT assesses meeting engagement, attendance, and hundreds of data fields. The platform simplifies this information into an easy-to-use data visualization tool, enabling users to gauge the effectiveness of time spent and gain deeper understanding of organization-wide communication patterns.

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  • From CUCM to Webex to UCCX, Expo XT Reveals Insights

Consolidated Webex and Cisco Reporting

Cisco UC, UCaaS, UCCX and Webex Reporting
Expo XT collects data from Webex, Cisco CUCM, and the entire Cisco Suite to deliver a comprehensive picture of every message, meeting, and voice call, from UC and UCaaS to legacy Cisco PBX data.

It also integrates with other collaboration tools, such as Zoom or Teams so you can automate all reporting from a single platform.

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  • Have Cisco + Teams? Expo XT makes reporting simple.
Cisco Reports

Improve Webex Call and Meeting Quality

Cisco Webex Report Dashboard

Automated Cisco Call Reporting

Share your insights with stakeholders with scheduled reports in various formats, such as CSV, Excel, or PDF

Call Tracking from Start to End:

Detailed call flow reports and cradle-to-grave reports detail a call’s sequence from start to finish

Cisco Call Quality Metrics:

Improve performance with an in-depth analysis of call quality, including metrics such as jitter, latency, and packet loss

Improve Performance

Utilize individual and team-based performance stats such as call handling time and answered calls

Watch About Expo XT in 60 Seconds

Expo XT enables you to make informed, data-driven decisions to maximize your Cisco investment. Dive deep into communication patterns across all modalities, including messages, meetings, and voice calls.

Learn More about Expo XT for Webex and Cisco Suite

Get more out of your Cisco investment and learn how Expo XT can help. Download our datasheet for a quick reference to the ways Expo XT integrates with all your Cisco tools for better collaboration and communication enterprise-wide.