Microsoft Teams Reporting and Analytics with Expo XT

Generate Reports and Insights within Microsoft Teams Without Admin Access through Collaboration Analytics

Take full advantage of Microsoft Teams with Expo XT. Discover new ways to utilize the platform, encourage adoption, and ensure your team gets the most out of their collaborative efforts with advanced UC analytics and collaboration dashboards.

AA & Queue Reports in Teams

Detailed reports for calls through the auto-attendant and queues in Microsoft Teams.

Role-Based Reporting Access

Role-based permissions enable your teams to gain reports and data without requiring admin user access

AI-Infused Teams Analysis

AI infused data analysis for automated insights, trend analysis, keyword detection, sentiment analysis and natural language Q&A reports

Teams Analytics Screenshot

How Expo XT Makes Teams Better

Expo XT reveals actionable insights to show you how to work smarter and collaborate more effectively. By harnessing the power of analytics, you can expand Microsoft Teams’ out-of-the-box reporting with deep insights on team interactions, customer experience, and productivity indicators across chat, video, and voice modalities.

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  • Teams reporting without admin-level access! Expo XT makes it possible.

Teams QER & Call Quality

Utilize Teams QER Reports
Access Teams Quality of Experience (QER) data from the Expo XT CQD (Call Quality Dashboard). View meeting, user, audio, and video health metrics as well as PTSN data and VPN impact assessments. Advanced search features also enable Teams users to optimize the performance of their network by retrieving specific meeting information using parameters such as Meeting URL, Conference ID, Subnet, or UPN, streamlining troubleshooting processes.

  • Key Health Indicators
  • View Key Health Indicators (KHI) for the overall tenant's meeting and calling health.
Microsoft Teams QER Report
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Monitor Hybrid Unified Communications Environments

Unlock Complete Visibility in Teams and All Your UC Tools:
With Expo XT, you can achieve visibility beyond Teams and into your diverse range of collaboration technologies from multiple vendors. Whether it's on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments, you'll have the flexibility to manage your collaboration journey effectively.

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  • Works with Teams and Cisco, Zoom, and Avaya or any other UC combination.

Improve Teams Communication
with Visibility into Every Call, Message and Meeting

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Enhanced Teams Visibility

Gain comprehensive insights into the quality of your calls and meetings across users and locations

Search and Analysis

Easily search and explore detailed information about users, calls, meetings, and other relevant data, allowing you to uncover valuable insights.

Teams Troubleshooting

Receive insights on bottlenecks and recommendations to troubleshoot and resolve network-related problems for minimal downtime.

Proactive Teams Alerts

Expo XT triggers alerts such as emergency calls, exceeded call volume, call routing errors, and network performance notifications

Learn About Expo XT in 60 Seconds

Expo XT enables you to make informed, data-driven decisions to maximize your Microsoft Teams investment. Dive deep into communication patterns across all modalities, including chat, meetings, and voice calls.

Learn More about Expo XT for Microsoft Teams

Learn how to revolutionize your team's collaboration and supercharge your Microsoft Teams experience. Download our datasheet for a quick reference to the ways Expo XT can help your organization.