Zoom Reporting and Analytics with Expo XT

Data-Driven Insights Across the Entire Zoom Platform
Do you need to pull Zoom meeting reports? Want insights on Zoom Phone calls? Gain visibility into your collaboration patterns, adoption rates, and troubleshoot errors with Expo XT for Zoom. This advanced analytics solution enables Zoom users to measure collaboration effectively. Expo XT provides comprehensive insights and metrics on Zoom meetings, webinars, and calls, allowing users to better understand the effectiveness of their communication efforts.

Generate Zoom Reports

Get details on calls, user activity, and Zoom meeting attendance with Expo XT.

Monitor Zoom Quality

Identify unstable video network, audio quality or screen share issues across Zoom.

Manage Key Metrics

Get key usage metrics to improve productivity, usage, and customer service with comprehensive Zoom data.

Zoom Phone Reports

Monitor, Analyze, and Manage Zoom

Expo XT provides comprehensive visibility into your organization's Zoom experience. Through reports, dashboards, and data visualizations, Expo XT delivers insights on key metrics such as usage adoption, call details, and system quality. Monitor, analyze, and effectively manage every aspect of Zoom usage to ensure a seamless and optimized collaboration environment including Zoom Meetings, Zoom Chat, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Webinars.

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  • Reports on the entire platform: Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Webinars.

Expo XT Simplifies Your Analytics

Beyond Zoom: UC, UCaaS, and PBX Reporting
With Expo XT, gain visibility across Multiple Collaboration Technologies including UC, UCaaS, and PBX, even from various vendors. It collects data from Zoom Phone, Meeting, and Chat, and offers a comprehensive view of your team's communication in all channels, ensuring you have insights beyond just Zoom.

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  • Collaboration analytics whether you use only Zoom, or Zoom+ another system.
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How does Expo XT help you improve Zoom?

Optimize your Zoom experience with insight into every interaction!

Expo XT dashboard for Zoom

Zoom Optimization

Monitor employee usage for opportunities for improvements, training needs, and feature consolidation

Meeting Analysis

Streamline meeting time by monitoring meeting duration, participant numbers, and user engagement.

AI Powered Zoom Insights

With the power of AI, Expo XT empowers users to effortless prompt it to generate accurate insights.

Zoom Trends

Data aggregation over time identifies trends and patterns for data-driven collaboration improvement.

Watch About Expo XT for Zoom

Expo XT enables you to make informed, data-driven decisions to maximize your Zoom investment. In 60 seconds, see how this Collaboration Analytics solution dives deep into communication patterns across all modalities, including chat, meetings, and voice calls.

Learn More About Expo XT for Zoom

Learn how to get more out of your Zoom UCaaS platform with insights into the way your organization communicates and collaborates. Simplify your tech stack and bring voice, video, conference rooms, and chat analytics together with Expo XT.