The Success of Measured
Communication and UC Analytics

Communication can't be optimized without data.
These customers began their journey to insights with UC analytics.

OSU Cures Poor CX with Expo XT for Cisco Call Manager

With multiple phone lines, hunt groups, and queues, as well as unique needs across different locations, OSU needed a completely customizeable UC Analytics solution.

Scottrade Dials In Savings & Security with Enterprise Telemanagement

Metropolis implemented XT Telemanagement across Scottrade's 422 offices throughout the United States for better call management and to easily meet regulatory requirements.

Real Time 911 Alerts Help Manage Liability For University

With campus safety under intense scrutiny, a slew of prank 911 calls were making the community nervous. Metropolis' OfficeWatch emergency call alerting features put administrators at ease.

Telemanagement Drives Avaya CDR Insights for Carmax

Ongoing expenses, maintenance, and shifting priorities caused Carmax's home-grown reporting solution to become outdated. Metropolis turned it around.

Call Management Heals Shriners Hospitals' Woes

With 21 hospitals under their brand, Shriners needed a cost-effective solution to manage and analyze calls on their Avaya Call Manager.

Petco Park Improves CX with Call Reporting

With a capacity of 42,000 seats, PETCO Park Stadium needed to ensure their phone systems were optimized for a high volume of calls.

ProfitWatch Marches Flexible Call Accounting Across Borders

“I like ProfitWatch and would recommend it. It is very versatile, and I found its interface to be very easy to use.”

Jose Maldonado, NEC Sales Engineer

Telemanagement Saves Medical Center $30 Every Day

ECRMC’s risk management council identified a need to log and track inbound calls. They got that and more with XT Telemanagement.

Fosse Certified Call Accounting Drives Results for Marriott

Marriott has 2,800 properties across the globe under 30 different brands. They needed call accounting that could meet their rigorous standards.