Metropolis Corp and TE-Systems GmbH Forge a Dynamic Partnership

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BY Metropolis

Working Together to Amplify Communication with Analytics

The partnership will deliver customers with amplified reporting on their anynode SBC activity and Teams insights within a single reporting solution: Expo XT.

(Fort Lauderdale, Florida July 12, 2023): Metropolis Corp is excited to announce a strategic partnership with TE-Systems GmbH. The partnership will connect Metropolis' Microsoft-certified collaboration analytics software, Expo XT with TE-Systems' anynode, a Microsoft-certified SBC (Session Border Controller) solution to deliver customers with amplified reporting on both their anynode SBC activity and Microsoft Teams insights within a single reporting solution.

Metropolis Corp, through its Expo XT collaboration analytics software, has revolutionized the way businesses track, monitor, and measure collaboration and performance issues across various communication platforms, ranging from traditional premise-based phone systems to collaboration clouds. The solution reports on UC and UCaaS data and tracks all communication interactions (chat, meeting, and voice calls) to generate comprehensive insights on the entire communication infrastructure through data visualizations and reports.

TE-Systems GmbH manufactures anynode, a software-based SBC that enables multiple SIP-endpoints to communicate with one another seamlessly and securely. One of the key advantages of anynode is its flexibility. As a software-based solution, anynode can be easily installed on commodity hardware or virtualized environments with minimal hardware and maintenance costs, making it highly adaptable to various system configurations. This includes the flexibility to choose a preferred cloud provider, e.g., Microsoft Azure or AWS. anynode is officially certified for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Zoom Phone BYOC, Cisco Webex and more.

As part of this partnership, Metropolis Corp has developed a seamless interface between Expo XT and TE-Systems anynode's software SBC. This integration allows users to visualize and analyze crucial metrics on a customizable dashboard in real-time, empowering businesses with enhanced control and deeper insights into their communication networks.

Key Features and Benefits of the EXPO XT and anynode Partnership include:

· Comprehensive Communication Insights: By combining the power of Expo XT and anynode's software SBC, businesses can now access comprehensive communication insights as a service. This integration provides users with a holistic view of their communication systems, enabling them to identify and address QoS and network performance issues proactively.

· Real-Time Analytics: The partnership enables businesses to leverage real-time analytics, giving them the ability to monitor and measure performance metrics instantly. This empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and optimize their communication networks for maximum efficiency.

· Customizable Dashboard: With the seamless integration between Expo XT and anynode's software SBC, users can access a customizable dashboard that presents all metrics in a single pane of glass. This intuitive interface allows businesses to tailor their analytics view, ensuring that they focus on the most relevant data for their specific needs.

To expedite the rapid sale and implementation of our comprehensive solution, Metropolis Corp and TE-Systems have designated Computer Telephony Distributing (CTD) as the master distributor for our joint offering. CTD not only sells and supports both products but also played a pivotal role in designing this exciting new venture. With their extensive expertise in supporting diverse telecommunications products and technologies, CTD is an invaluable asset for organizations across various industries and sizes.

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