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UCaaS Paves The Way For Metropolis To Deliver The Ultimate Communication Reporting Tool

ExpoXT Workplace Analytics

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (February 15, 2022): Metropolis' latest release, ExpoXT, transforms call analytics from a call detail record product into communication insights as a service.

Digital velocity rapidly changes the telecommunication industry, forcing businesses to adopt new, innovative communication strategies and technologies to increase teams’ collaboration and enhance customer experience. The rapid adoption of services like RingCentral, Teams, WebEx, and Zoom have left many customers wondering if their teams are virtually meeting with prospects, making calls, helping customers, or simply being productive at their jobs.

Metropolis' trailblazing analytics software, ExpoXT, empowers knowledge workers with communications insights. ExpoXT helps businesses of all sizes track, monitor, and identify performance issues across multiple types of communications. From chat, voice, video, and messaging, from traditional premise-based phone systems to collaboration clouds from Microsoft, Cisco, RingCentral, and others, ExpoXT provides frictionless analytics in a single pane of glass.

The product’s sleek design, dark mode option and color themes take the "ho-hum" out of users and complements the dynamic dashboards and customizable at-a-glance reporting.

ExpoXT can be easily purchased from the Azure Microsoft Marketplace. Test drives are also available upon request Here.

About Metropolis Corp:

Metropolis Corp is a Fort Lauderdale based software manufacturer and multi-Industry leader specializing in telecom data; providing call accounting and business intelligence workplace analytics to help organizations across the globe improve their enterprise visibility, enabling vigorous risk management decisions. To learn more about Metropolis, please click Here