ProfitWatch Power+Power+ Suite

Hotel Intelligence with Integrated AI Analytics

Our ProfitWatch Power+ Suite is designed for Hospitality. This premier reporting solution revolutionizes how hotels manage and understand their communication and operation channels. ProfitWatch Power+ connects your PMS, Channel Management Solution, and Call Analytics into one dashboard so you can improve guest experience through informed, data-driven strategies.

Knowledge is Power: Drive more bookings, generate more profit, and keep guests safe and happy with ProfitWatch Power+.

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Turn Hotel Communication Data
into Unified Intelligence

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Integrated Hotel Analytics

ProfitWatch Power+ seamlessly integrates your channel management solution, property management system (PMS), and phone system analytics into a single, comprehensive platform. Say goodbye to data silos and disjointed reporting. With all your critical data unified, you'll gain a holistic view of your hotel's performance like never before.

  • Visualize Your Path to Profitability

    Transform raw data into stunning visualizations and intuitive dashboards. At a glance, you'll understand key metrics like occupancy rates, RevPAR, channel performance, and call handling efficiency. Powerful predictive modeling illuminates future trends, so you can anticipate demand and adapt your strategies accordingly.

  • Greater Guest Satisfaction

    View all your hotel operations from one database with call billing and comprehensive analytics with real-time visibility so you can make rapid decisions to keep guests happy. With sentiment analysis, you can analyze guest preferences and feedback to personalize service.

  • Drive More Bookings

    Manage your call traffic to ensure coverage for bookings, identify booking patterns and forecast needs to drive more direct revenue to your hotel.

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Guest Safety and 911 Call Alerting

Ensuring guest safety and compliance with regulations like Kari's Law is a top priority for the hospitality industry. Robust 911 call reporting capabilities are crucial, especially the ability to capture and report on short-duration 911 calls that may be unintentionally disconnected before reaching assistance.

  • Emergency Notifications for NEC and Mitel

    The need for reliable emergency alerts is amplified for businesses replacing legacy systems like NEC Emergency Notification Software and Mitel 400, which lack comprehensive reporting on brief 911 calls in their Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR).

  • Multiple-Source Alert Data

    ProfitWatch Power+ Alerts uses the MetroLink Data Connector to leverage multiple data sources to provide comprehensive 911 call alerting and emergency notification capabilities.

    This ensures guests remain safe and that any 911 calls, even those disconnected prematurely, are promptly reported and addressed. Stay compliant and prioritize guest safety with ProfitWatch Power+ Alerts' advanced 911 call monitoring and alerting features.

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