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After XT Telemanagement is Installed

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Nestled in the vibrant Imperial Valley, El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) has served the community since 1956. Over the years, the hospital has expanded to include a state-of-the-art trauma center, wound care facilities, an oncology and hematology center, and various outpatient clinics. With eight locations spread across the region, tracking communication became a growing challenge.exclamation.

A Challenge Tracking Inbound Calls

Following a series of harassing calls, ECRMC’s risk management council identified a need to log and track inbound calls among their various sites to facilitate the police and security teams in minimizing these occurrences. With eight medical locations, the hospital was experiencing a disconnect between the main acute-care medical center and their outpatient centers.

"I could not find anything that was easier to use,"

Kelley Ashbrook, Telecom Admin for ECRMC

Kelly Ashbrook, Telecommunications Administrator for ECRMC, researched numerous telemanagement options before choosing XT Telemanagement. This user-friendly software offered centralized call reporting across all locations, empowering Ashbrook to monitor inbound and outbound calls with ease.

"I couldn't find anything easier to use," he enthuses. “I have been on the market aggressively looking for several years and I could not find anything easier to use,” states Ashbrook.

Monitoring All Calls Provided a Solution

XT Telemanagement is a feature-rich on-premise application for the enterprise that connects call reporting among multiple sites to improve visibility and reduce costs. XT helps healthcare customers to understand the efficiency of each clinic and location with multiple report export formats, automation settings, and alarm triggers that can be customized per site.

“I monitor inbound and outbound calls and pass that info and reporting over to directors of each department,” explains Ashbrook. “[XT] sends and emails directly to them as a PDF file. I setup automatic reporting daily, weekly, and can send reports as often as needed. And I can manipulate that as I need.“

The use of mobility technology in the medical community has risen exponentially, making it easier for doctors to access data and connect with office staff even if they need to be offsite. Ashbrook was concerned that the additional communication between medical staff in the field would adversely affect the capacity of their call network. Once again, he turned to XT Telemanagement to “… look at the Trunk TrafficWatch to monitor how much through-put is being used. I needed to see if the call traffic was going to increase to see if we needed another T1. Nope. No T1 needed. So far, everyone is able to make their calls.”

ECRMC’s sites utilize several PBX models, including Avaya and a legacy ShoreTel, as well as LSP hubs. As with the entire Metropolis collection of products, XT is able to integrate seamlessly with multiple PBX manufacturers, including Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, and NEC. The application centralizes the reporting among the various systems so Ashbrook can keep a close eye on any suspicious call activity, whether that be a harassing call, or unauthorized call usage.

ERMC Saved $30 per Day After Installation

“We are on a border town to Mexico, and that is an international call. In XT, there is a button to find hotspots, so I can quickly locate those calls,” said Ashbrook. “I report any phone abuse suspicion to the supervisor. At one time, I found that two authorization codes were being abused. We have those who live across the border and work here, so we want to make sure they are not calling family over there. Now staff is aware they are being watched, so the phone abuse has stopped… I would say we saved about $30 a day in unauthorized calls.”

“The technical support team was great...they trained me on how to manipulate the extensions, departments, etc, so if I need to make additional changes, I know how."


XT Telemanagement includes one full year of technical support to ensure customers get their systems up and running quickly. Ashbrook agreed, “The technical support team was great. When I asked if something could be done, they would do it. Then they trained me on how to manipulate the extensions, departments, etc, so if I need to make additional changes, I know how. For that, I am grateful.”

XT Telemanagement was also used to manage Avaya call data for Shriners Hospital, resulting in cost savings and operational efficiency.

Medical Centers Across the US use XT Telemanagement

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