Scottrade Dials in Savings & Security

With Metropolis Telemanagment

Finance Background with Telemanagement Headline

Scottrade, a leading online investment firm, has established itself as a prominent player in the stock brokerage industry. With over 420 branch offices across the United States and a commitment to providing top-notch investment products and online trading services, Scottrade has earned recognition as one of FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” in America.

Challenge: Ensuring Efficiency and Security Across a Vast Call Network

As Scottrade expanded its operations across numerous locations, it faced the challenge of effectively managing communication systems and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. With the increasing importance of communication technologies in financial services, Scottrade sought a comprehensive telecom management solution to monitor, analyze, and optimize its telecommunication activities across its vast network of offices.

Solution: Metropolis Telemanagement Solutions

Scottrade turned to Metropolis, a leading provider of telemanagement solutions for businesses, to address its communication management needs. Metropolis offered its enterprise voice reporting product, XT Enterprise Telemanagement, a solution designed to decode, standardize, and deliver insights from Call Detail Record (CDR) logs generated by PBX systems.

Seamless Installation Across 422 Offices

Metropolis implemented XT Telemanagement across Scottrade's 422 offices throughout the United States. This deployment facilitated seamless integration with Scottrade's multiple-site, multiple-PBX infrastructure, providing a centralized platform for telecom management and analytics.

Key Telemanagement Capabilties:

  • Emergency Call Handling and Response: One of the primary concerns for Scottrade was the ability to respond promptly to 911 emergency calls originating from its offices. With OfficeWatch for Business, Scottrade gained real-time alerts and notifications for 911 calls, enabling swift responses and mitigating potential liabilities associated with emergency situations.
  • Toll Fraud Detection and Prevention: OfficeWatch Call Reporting empowered Scottrade to monitor and detect potential toll fraud activities, including misuse by employees and external VoIP hackers. By identifying and notifying management of suspicious call patterns, Scottrade could proactively safeguard its communication systems and financial assets.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Mitigation: By leveraging OfficeWatch for Business, Scottrade enhanced its compliance efforts by ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements governing communication activities in the financial sector. The solution provided comprehensive reporting capabilities as well as call logging for record retention requirements, enabling Scottrade to demonstrate compliance and mitigate risks associated with communication-related liabilities.

The Results

XT Telemanagement played a pivotal role in addressing Scottrade's communication management challenges, providing a robust platform for monitoring, analyzing, and managing telecommunication activities. By partnering with Metropolis, Scottrade strengthened its operational efficiency, compliance efforts, and risk mitigation strategies, reaffirming its commitment to delivering exceptional services to investors while ensuring regulatory compliance and security across its branch network.

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