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The reporting you need for every unified communication platform.

Metropolis Corp develops innovative UC analytics for collaboration, call reporting software, call accounting and call center solutions that enable businesses to gain valuable insights into their Unified Communications (UC) and UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS) networks.

Their AI powered,cutting-edge technologies have helped organizations unlock the full potential of their communication infrastructure, thus enabling them to deliver exceptional customer service, boost productivity, and drive business growth.

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30+ Years of Unified Communication Analytics!

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For Cisco, Webex Calling, Teams, and More

Expo XT UC Analytics

Understand the entire communication infrastructure with collaboration analytics.

Gain a deeper understanding of all your customer and team interactions. Expo XT delivers communications insights by tracking communication across the business to monitor and measure performance. Identify where teamwork is thriving and which tools are most effective at supporting exceptional customer service.

  • Simplified Voice Call Analytics

    Expo XT consolidates call tracking and call reporting amongst multiple communication tools and modalities, simplifying analytics into one powerful yet easy-to-use solution. From Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco CUCM and Webex Calling to premise-based PBX data, Expo XT reports on everything.

  • Meeting Attendance Reports

    Regardless your preferred collaboration platform, see which employees are engaged on video meetings, the duration of such meetings, and identify opportunities to optimize communication to reduce excessive meetings with Expo XT.

  • Automated Communication Reports

    Scheduled reports, role-based dashboards, and AI-powered tools enable Expo XT to unveil communication insights with very little effort.

    UC Analytics

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Qcloud Collaboration Analytics

Call Center Management

Qcloud Dashboards

If you have a small call center, Qcloud is the queue and agent dashboard you need to manage it all!

Enhance CX with Qcloud call center software. Gain insights through live KPI dashboards for your call center displaying queue performance, wait times, abandonment rates, and capacity thresholds.No call center licenses required!

  • Live Queue Monitoring

    Build a better customer experience. Qcloud’s call center software includes KPI dashboards for visualization of data, such as the performance of queues, wait times, caller abandonment rates, and capacity thresholds.

  • Agent Performance Tracking

    The platform enables keeping track of agents and ensuring heavy call volumes are handled with the needed coverage. Its user-friendly interface requires minimal training.

    Improve CX

Cutting Edge Technology

Leveraging AI in UC Analytics

Metropolis innovative solutions leverage state-of-the-art AI technologies to analyze data, automate insights and drive unparalleled efficiency for our clients. By leveraging AI, Metropolis solutions automate the analysis process to deliver unified communications insights and reduces the potential for human bias and subjectivity in reporting.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    NLP enabled reporting tools like Expo XT enables the system to extract valuable insights from unstructured data sources, such as chat logs, call transcripts, and customer feedback.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment analysis determines the emotional tone or polarity of the text, whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. It helps in understanding the overall sentiment expressed in the data for better service.

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Metropolis' Unified Communications Solutions


Expo XT

The ultimate UC and collaboration analytics tool. Track, monitor, and measure performance across multiple tools, across all platforms. Connect cloud and traditional phone systems for granular insights.

Collab Analytics


Unleash your call center's true potential. Track real-time queue performance, reduce caller abandonment, and optimize agent activities with intuitive navigation advanced data visualizations.

KPI Dashboards


ProfitWatch is the call accounting software trusted by thousands of hotels to build revenue and reduce liability with advanced guest call bill back features, 911 call alerts, and proactive monitoring.

Call Accounting


Simplify the management of the communication system on-prem and increase voice network visibility with CDR reporting. XT2's features enable enterprise users to get an at-a-glance view of all call activity in their organization.



QLIVE is an on-premise solution developed to manage small call centers, analyze hunt group efficiency, and troubleshoot queue bottlenecks. Live dashboard features are configurable to display the call data you need.

Manage Agents


Optimize your telecom operations with customizable pbx call reporting. Gain insights into call history, capacity utilization, call statistics and call quality with custom reporting and configurable call alert triggers.

Call Reporting

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What Our Clients Say?

best call accounting

This call accounting software has incredible functionality. The feature flexibility is unsurpassed and the software is so user friendly that you need no training. Additionally, customer support is excellent.

Joanne Walker, Pinehurst Resort
Happy Customer
user-friendly call accounting

User friendly interfaces, low system requirements, easy to use call reporting features are rivaled only by the excellent customer service...

Sandals Resorts
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Metropolis profitwatch

I have to say that ProfitWatch is by far the most user friendly, intuitive and well designed system that I have ever used. Tasks that I once considered "complex" in other systems are rendered simple in this easy to use interface.

Troy Burke, Rosemont
Happy Customer
Metropolis excellent support

OfficeWatch is user friendly and Metropolis provides excellent support. I have never experienced a wait when I needed help. OfficeWatch has paid for itself several times over.

Edward Blum, President of Franklin-Pierce Associates
Happy Customer