Authority Magazine: AI Disruption in the UC Industry

with Marcela Umana

We are excited to share that our own Marcela Umaan was interviewed by Authority Magazine to offer insight into what metropolis Corp has done to embrace AI, and how other businesses can repsond is AI is disrupting their industry.

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"Artificial Intelligence is no longer the future; it is the present. It’s reshaping landscapes, altering industries, and transforming the way we live and work. With its rapid advancement, AI is causing disruption — for better or worse — in every field imaginable."

Here are a few of the tips Marcela shared:

Tip 1: Look for the Opportunity

AI offers so many opportunities to streamline the workload of your employees, and it can increase productivity. I’d recommend you closely analyze how AI is impacting your industry and what specific tasks you are now able to automate. What tools might your peers be using in their business, or even your competitors?

Tip 2: Identify Upskill Opportunities

We are only at the beginning of the advancements of AI and in three years, things are going to look very different. For that reason, I’d recommend you proactively find training opportunities for your staff. There are data science boot campsand tons of self-study articles available.

Tip 3: Try New Tools

There are hundreds of thousands of AI tools out there already — the market has exploded. Once you have a good idea of what tasks you need to automate, you can carefully evaluate different AI platforms and find the right one for you that best integrates with your business. Frequently, the initial solution may not always be the optimal one, so it’s essential to maintain an open-minded approach and be willing to make adjustments. The effort invested in doing so is certainly worthwhile.

Tip 4: Create New Workflows

Modify business processes to take advantage of where AI can boost efficiency, personalization, or quality, so it can make your business better. Workflows also can include some safeguards to make sure any AI-assisted work is checked for accuracy before it is used or published.

Tip 5: Implement Policies

I think every organization should carve out a framework on how and who uses AI within their organization. Add information about ethics and disclosures, and include it in your employee training. Just be sure to revisit these policies several times per year as things are likely to change rapidly.

"The key is not to avoid AI but to harness its power proactively."
- Marcela Umana

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