Case Study: Teams Meeting Cost Slashed by 70% with Expo XT

Teams Meeting Report

Uncovering the Financial Drain of Inefficient Virtual Meetings

A Metropolis Corp manufacturing customer discovered that a single unproductive meeting was draining them of $42.6K per year in manpower. They were then able to restructure that same meeting to find a savings of almost $30K, resulting in a 70% cost reduction. And that was just for a single meeting.

Client Background

Our manufacturing customer, a prominent player in the industry, recognized the importance of effective communication and collaboration among their engineering staff. Weekly Microsoft Teams meetings were a crucial platform for discussing production-related issues and fostering cross-functional alignment. However, these meetings consistently exceeded their intended duration and incurred substantial costs.

The Challenge: Unraveling the Cost of Unproductive Teams Meetings

Upon closer examination, it was revealed that these seemingly routine meetings were taking a toll on both time and finances. In particular, one weekly 45-minute Teams meeting often stretched to an average of 82 minutes, primarily due to late starts and inefficient discussions. The meeting included a mix of 19 to 22 participants, including engineers, technicians, supervisors, and managers, earning a average annual salary of $62,300 per person.

Expo XT's Meeting Report Delivers Insights

The implementation of Expo XT, a software that analyzes communication across multiple platforms and modalities to deliver observable insights, offered our manufacturing customer tangible data regarding their meeting dynamics and their usage of Microsoft Teams.

Expo XT revealed:/p>

  • Average Meeting Duration and Attendees: Expo XT offered a clear breakdown of the average meeting duration and the composition of attendees, shedding light on the magnitude of the inefficiency.
  • Chronic Lateness:: Expo XT identified employees who were consistently late to joining Teams meetings, pinpointing a crucial factor contributing to duration overruns.
  • Engagement Levels: Expo XT distinguished between engaged participants and those in more passive listening roles, helping the organization understand who actively contributed to the discussions.
  • Searchable Transcriptions: Meeting transcriptions made discussions easily searchable and accessible, enabling swift referencing and eliminating the risk of key information getting lost.

Action and Transformation: From Reports to Results

Empowered by the insights provided by Expo XT, our manufacturing client swiftly embarked on a strategic transformation journey:

  • Selective Attendance: The organization streamlined meeting attendance, limiting it to an essential core of 11 staff members for recurring meetings.
  • Optimized Documentation: Transcriptions provided by the software were edited and shared via email, ensuring that accurate records of discussions were available to all stakeholders.
  • Punctuality Enforcement: Strict adherence to meeting start and end times was implemented, and employees who habitually arrived late were addressed, fostering a culture of punctuality.

Results: A Remarkable 69.8% Reduction

The combination of Expo XT's insights-driven actions resulted in a significant transformation. By targeting inefficiencies and fostering a culture of effectiveness, our manufacturing customer achieved an astounding cost reduction of approximately 69.8%. The money previously drained by unproductive meetings is now being redirected towards more valuable initiatives, directly boosting their financial results.

Looking ahead, the manufacturer is excited to continue this trajectory of improvement and to utilize Expo XT for optimization of their communication processes across the entire organization.