Mitel Analytics and Call Reporting

Background of a Mitel PBX, text Mitel Call Reporting from Mitel MSA DeveloperMetropolis is an MSA Developer

Metropolis is a Mitel MSA Developer, and has provided advanced SMDR reporting solutions for almost thirty years. Prior to MSA, Metropolis was a Mitel CommSource partner. Our solutions provide advanced telemanagement solutions for enterprise customers looking to improve their communication with data-driven insights. Our solutions leverage your unified communications experience and integrate with MiVoice, MiTeam Meetings, Mitel omnichannel CX and legacy Mitel and Shoretel solutions.

Mitel Platforms

  • MiVoice
  • MiTeam Meetings
  • Mitel Call Center
  • 3000 Communications System
  • 3300 Controllers
  • 5000 Communications Platform
  • Legacy Axxess PBX
  • Lebacy PBX Communications Suite
  • SX-200 IP Communications Platform

Metropolis Corp OfficeWatch and ProfitWatch control both telephony hardware and office personnel costs for my customer base allowing them to spend less time managing the business with more time to build the business."

Mark Fisher, Technology Consultant for Mitel DataNet CommSource Central