Driving Results with Fosse Certified Call Accounting

for Marriott's Global Brands

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Metropolis Call Accounting is Certified for Interoperability with Fosse Property Management System

Challenge: Managing Hotel Call Costing for a Global Portfolio

With over 2,800 properties worldwide across 30 brands, Marriott International required optimal operations and cost management to deliver exceptional guest experiences globally. The company sought a flexible call accounting solution that could integrate with its Fosse property management system to meet key goals:

  • Automating call cost allocation to guest folios for efficiency
  • Enabling custom call rates and surcharging capabilities to maximize revenue
  • Providing robust analytics and usage forecasting for data-driven decisions

Given the size of its portfolio, Marriott needed certified technology partners that could meet rigorous performance standards. The ideal solution would drive profits through streamlined operations while upholding Marriott's reputation for service.

Solution: Certified Call Accounting Integration

Metropolis Technologies' ProfitWatch Hotel Call Accounting software was certified for FOSSE integration after extensive testing. ProfitWatch automates call cost allocation, provides customizable rate tables, and delivers actionable analytics.

ProfitWatch Hotel Call Accounting software was certified for FOSSE integration.

The Results: Enhanced Revenue for Hospitality

By implementing ProfitWatch globally across brands like Renaissance, Courtyard, and SpringHill Suites, Marriott properties have:

  • Reduced overhead costs through automated call cost allocation
  • Optimized rates and surcharging to increase revenue
  • Gained visibility into call traffic and usage patterns

With streamlined operations and enhanced visibility into guest calling, ProfitWatch enables Marriott's brands to deliver exceptional experiences. Metropolis is proud to partner with Marriott as a trusted, certified technology provider that meets the highest standards for performance and support.

Modern call accounting is about more than guest call bill back. It is an essential call monitoring and alerting system that keeps your thumb on the pulse of hotel communication.

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Streamline your hotel's operations and boost revenue with Metropolis Corp's ProfitWatch Call Accounting solution. Our advanced system ensures precise guest billing, comprehensive call tracking, and valuable insights to optimize your business