Shriners Hospitals' Communication Woes

Healed with Call Management Solution

Shriners Hospital in Background of Call Management Title

Imagine juggling thousands of critical calls daily at a hospital specializing in children's care. That's exactly what Shriners Hospitals for Children, known for their free pediatric services, faced at their Honolulu facility.

Thousands of Critical Calls was a Challenge to Manage:

With 21 hospitals across the US treating children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate, transparency and efficiency in phone usage were crucial. They needed a cost-effective solution to manage and analyze calls on their Avaya Call Manager, ensuring smooth communication for both staff and families while keeping resources focused on young patients.

OfficeWatch Turned Avaya Call Data into Reports:

Shriners was recommended OfficeWatch Call Reporting Software by their telephone reseller. OfficeWatch has been tested and approved for interoperability with Avaya Aura and IP Office on-premise systems. By collecting and translating Avaya call detail records (CDR), OfficeWatch Call Reporting Software delivers:

  • Detailed Call Reporting: Access to comprehensive call data (duration, cost, destination) allowed informed decision-making and cost control.
  • Remote Accessibility: The Enterprise version granted staff web-based access to reports, empowering flexibility and efficiency.
  • Trunk Analysis: The built-in TrafficWatch module in XT unveiled valuable insights into call patterns, optimizing trunk usage and streamlining communication infrastructure.

By implementing OfficeWatch Call Reporting Software, Shriners Hospitals for Children achieved a powerful combination of cost savings, operational efficiency, and enhanced patient experiences – solidifying their commitment to delivering the highest quality of care to every child they serve.

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