Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Dec 15, 2011) – Tuesday, November 29th was an unsettling day for clerks at a bank just outside of Washington, DC as an armed robber pointed guns at the staff demanding money.  Once the incident was over, luckily with no one harmed, 911 was dialed and police, security staff, and bank managers were immediately notified of the event with a single call thanks to OfficeWatch Telemanagment.

OfficeWatch's Call Reporting triple alert system notifies users when an emergency call has been placed through screen pop-ups, SMS text messages, and email. 

After choosing a new Avaya phone system at all of their branches, the bank Vice President insisted on having a call accounting telemanagement solution in place so they would be able to pull their own phone records.  With past incidents, managers had to make several requests and eventually subpoena their phone provider only to receive the records over two months later.  After the robbery, the bank immediately pulled the phone records using OfficeWatch’s on-demand reporting, and handed them over to investigators, who will be able to identify any suspicious series of calls.

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