Fort Lauderdale , Florida (October 31, 2011) Metropolis, a premier telemanagement solution provider, is pleased to announce that Jercinovic Pediatrics chose Office Watch Telemanagement to help them to reduce telecom costs in their office.  OfficeWatch provides unsurpassed ease of use and can be installed on any existing client pc; it does not require a dedicated server.

Jercinovic Pediatrics was formed in 1986 and continues to treat young patients in the Shorewood, IL region today.  Having experienced consistent growth throughout the years, Jercinovic chose to purchase a building to expand their practice.  The building they selected was larger than their immediate needs so they could allow for future expansion as necessary.  They then subleased their unneeded space to additional tenants.  To handle their tenants telecom expenses, Jercinovic wanted a call management system that would accurately track their 100+ extensions and allow them to charge back the cost of calls originated by the tenants.  They needed OfficeWatch.

OfficeWatch telemanagement logs incoming, outgoing, and internal call data and provides reports on  this information to allow for easy bill-back.  Customizable rate tables allows Jercinovic to tailor the charges to each tenant as necessary.  Additionally, OfficeWatch has numerous reporting and toll fraud features so the practice can keep an eye on costly long distance calls and phone abuse by their staff as well.  With OfficeWatch Telemanagement, Jercinovic can continue to manage their expenses and invest their money back into patient care. 

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