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Dedicated to sustainability, while utilizing the highest ROI technology

Fort Lauderdale , Florida (September 15, 2021): The greenest hotel in Silicon Valley has opened its doors. Located in Mountain View, California, the Ameswell Hotel as the community they serve, is inspired by art, nature, innovation, and technology.

From the solar panels powering the LED bulbs to their connection to the local bike and hiking trails, the hotel has eliminated 96% of single-use plastic on premises and will continue to strive to achieve 100%. The Ameswell Hotel incorporates sustainable products and practices. They are also committed to offering the highest quality of local and organic produce.

The hotel is also beautifully designed and high-tech. It offers uncommon luxury with approachable sophistication where guests have just what they need and nothing they do not.

In preparation for opening day, the team sought a phone system and call accounting solution that would meet their high expectations. Among multiple solution provider submissions, they chose ProfitWatch Call Accounting for their call accounting and telemanagement needs.

ProfitWatch Call Accounting accurately tracks all call data for easy guest phone usage bill back, as well as provides telemanagement features such as trunk analysis, automatable reporting, emergency alerts, and toll fraud detection to help properties reduce costs and liability, as well as generate revenue.

Metropolis Corp is proud to be providing ProfitWatch Call Accounting for Silicon Valley’s greenest hotel’s call reporting, billing and 911 alerting needs.

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Metropolis Corp is a software company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that develops telemanagement, call accounting, call reporting and call center / queue management solutions that help customers improve their voice network in the US and across the globe. To learn more about Metropolis, please visit

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