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MeetingWatch provides a holistic view of employee engagement

Fort Lauderdale, FL (March 31, 2021): Over the past year, remote workforces have increased - now 70% of companies have employees working from home. Worldwide, the shift to a remote workforce has been a catalyst for decreased productivity, communication challenges and a change in the modalities used to collaborate digitally.

Many organizations use multiple meeting platforms from providers like Cisco Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more. With so many different platforms in play, it is nearly impossible to monitor and maintain team member engagement.

To maximize visibility across digital workforces, Metropolis Corp recently released MeetingWatch. This new, intuitive analytics solution aggregates meeting analytics from a mix of meeting platforms. The application has seen popularity among current users of OfficeWatch XT from Metropolis. Unified communications suite that complements XT's similar voice and contact center metrics from on-premise unified communication systems by adding video.

"When users move their calling platform to the cloud, they are essentially redefining what a 'meeting' is. As users migrate from on-premise or hosted to cloud services, customers maintain their access to coherent data." explained Paul Davis of Metropolis Corp.

Any web browser users can access consolidated metrics from integrated meeting platforms like Cisco Webex, Zoom, RingCentral, Avaya, Vonage and Microsoft Teams. Having all intelligence in a single tool streamlines operations.

Karen Riley, an operations manager, explains a key advantage that MeetingWatch provides- "Our Finance & Accounting division is required to use Microsoft Teams, but customer support has always stuck to Webex. With many employees now working remotely, MeetingWatch has been so helpful in maintaining productivity."

Advanced & Flexible Reporting

MeetingWatch saves time and gives an accurate, single view of engagement across all platforms. Quickly derive insights by searching by meeting subject, participants or hosts.

Reporting that is currently native to meeting software is limited and analytics are disparate from application to application. For example, Zoom may report Jennifer in sales only spent 10 minutes in meetings all week, while Microsoft Teams reports 32 hours of meeting time. With MeetingWatch, Jennifer's total meeting time is calculated and reported in a single solution.

At a glance, users can see streamlined views of live activity, meeting counts by hour or day, meetings by team (or group of extensions) and meeting type (demonstration, support, etc.). Reports can be produced on an ad-hoc basis as needed or scheduled for delivery on a specific frequency.

Filters and sorting can be applied to view meeting durations, participant count and the number of meetings joined.

Visualizations and charts allow managers to quickly analyze metrics for a given time period by employee or team.

Activity Alerts & Goal Insights

A single birds-eye view delivers intelligence, so managers are aware of meeting participation counts, missed sessions, employee engagement and more. All meeting details across all communication platforms can be tracked and reported within MeetingWatch's simple-to-use user interface.

Alerts can be created to alert designated users of potential "virtual meeting bombing", long meeting durations, unattended meetings and more custom alerts based on thresholds determined by the user.

Together changes in workforce habits and communication practices has presented novel complexities during a time when it is most important to maintain competitive. Learn how MeetingWatch is helping counter technological disruptions with a solution that allows teams across organizations meet business demands efficiently. For more information visit

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