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Fort Lauderdale, FL (August 1, 2020): LEGEND-MENA chose Metropolis as their premier vendor for call analytics over 6 years ago due to Metropolis's capabilities to provide multi-site, multi-country and multi-currency analytics on a single pane of glass.

LEGEND-MENA since 2013 has penetrated several markets in the greater Middle East region and has established a strong presence in such through cooperating and working with many local channels and partners. With local markets having been saturated by numerous lack-luster telemanagement solutions, LEGEND-MENA positioned itself on a different level than others by providing Metropolis' strong, stable, advanced, feature rich solutions; making implementations a huge success.

Najati Al-Khairy, CEO of Legend-Mena stated "The success I have had with Metropolis' products is also attributed to the wonderful level of support and cooperation we have received from them, from the very first day. Metropolis' business model and how they support their partners can be used as a text book by other vendors. It is truly an honor to represent Metropolis". The CEO also shared he is excited to present the new Metropolis products to its channels as they will be providing even more visibility to customers whose workforce is now working from home.

Metropolis provides business that "bird's eye view" of all of the data its customers have to make sure their workforce is as efficient and productive as possible. Whether working remotely or not, TEAMS, Voice, Devices, Video, Meetings, QoS, from all cumbersome and outcast silos can be conveniently centralized.

Metropolis listens to its valued partner's feedback and ideas, contributions coming in from all around the globe, and implemented them in one of its cutting-edge products; OfficeWatch XT2. For those who wish to have call center real-time with cradle to grave reporting "without having to put a call center in place" Metropolis came to market with a well-received award winning QLIVE.

LEGEND-MENA exceptionally represents Metropolis in the greater Middle East, as well as in Africa and Asia. They invite partners in these regions to contact them to learn more about their full product suite and services and how to grow their businesses while delivering new technology to their valued clients.


LEGEND-MENA opened its doors in 2013, in Jordan, with the main goal of supplying channels and partners in the region with alternative solutions for the telecom industry. Main solutions include bandwidth aggregation, load balancing, training programs in IT, PMP, soft skills, call recording and monitoring, call tracking, meeting tracking, instant emergency notifications. To learn more about how to become a LEGEND-MENA channel, visit:

About Metropolis Corp:

Metropolis Corp is a software company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that develops telemanagement, call accounting, call reporting and call center / queue management solutions that help customers improve their voice network in the US and across the globe. To learn more about Metropolis, visit

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