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Nonprofit Institution Improved Visibility into Call Data

Fort Lauderdale, FL (September 9, 2019): The Maryknoll Mission Institute improved visibility into their call volume and activity by implementing OfficeWatch SL Professional Call Reporting. OfficeWatch SL Professional integrates with the educational ministry’s PBX system to provide instant 911 alert notifications, reporting and analysis information on all inbound and outbound calls in order to help the mission institute reduce costs, identify trends, and limit liability.

Instant 911 Notifications:

The sisters are at ease knowing that in the event of an incident, they will be notified immediately of the location, extension and user who makes a 911 call.

Inbound Call Tracking:

OfficeWatch logs and reports on all the calls received by the nonprofit institution so they can optimize their voice network, eliminate underutilized phone lines, and analyze hunt group activities to determine which departments are in the most demand.

Outbound Call Tracking:

Outbound call reporting allows the institute to create an auditable paper trail whenever staff return a call. The nonprofit institute is also able to report on authorization codes and track call costing on all calls.

“I LOVE OfficeWatch! It is extremely helpful to me and my work. You have no idea what I used to have to do manually. It was a nightmare!” says Jody Chiappalone, Telephone Services Manager at Maryknoll Sisters.

In addition to over 250+ report template options, OfficeWatch SL Professional will enable The Maryknoll Mission Institute to receive notifications whenever calls exceed a certain threshold, such as long duration or costly calls. They also are able to improve security with toll fraud alerts in the event their phone system is compromised or suspicious call activity is detected. For more information about OfficeWatch SL Call Reporting and how it can help your organization, visit

About MaryKnoll Mission Institute:

The Maryknoll Mission Institute (Making God’s Love visible) is an educational ministry sponsored by the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation which provides continuing education and renewal programs for missioners and others engaged in cross-cultural ministries in their local churches.

About Metropolis Corp:

Metropolis Corp is a software company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that develops telemanagement, call accounting, call reporting and call center / queue management solutions that help customers improve their voice network in the US and across the globe. To learn more about Metropolis, visit

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