Bridal Shop Says YES to OfficeWatch.

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Bridal Shop Says YES to OfficeWatch

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (March 25, 2019): A bride’s shop paradise, in the middle of Manhattan, has chosen OfficeWatch to track and monitor its high inbound call traffic due to its impeccable reputation in the industry and TLC’s hit reality show “Say Yes to the Dress”.

Kleinfeld Bridal has been dedicated to providing brides with unparalleled dress selection and exceptional service for more than 75 years. Since 1941, Kleinfeld has helped hundreds of thousands of brides find the perfect wedding dress. From the day she says yes to the dress to the moment she says I do – Kleinfeld is there with the bride every step of the way.

Located in Manhattan with 28 dressing rooms, 17 fitting rooms, 1500 designer sample dresses, and a staff of 250 employees, servicing over 17,000 brides annually, Kleinfeld Bridal has been an upscale bride’s dream store and home of reality tv show “Say Yes to the Dress”.

With a high volume of calls coming into the store, the upscale shopping destination needed a solution which would provide them with call traffic visibility to ensure they are not missing any inbound calls. This is why Kleinfeld Bridal chose award winning OfficeWatch SL Professional, and with it, they are now able to provide even better, swifter, customer service to its customers; an important core value of their business model.

OfficeWatch SL Professional is a call tracking and logging application that allows users to pull dynamic reports on call volume and extension activity, receive alerts of emergency calls, and analyze peak trunk capacity. TrafficWatch, a unique graphic interface feature of OfficeWatch, easily monitors each trunk line and shows users when these lines have reached their maximum load. This feature will be of particular benefit to Kleinfeld Bridal to ensure their customers are able to connect with them, and not receive a busy signal.

With over 200 report templates that can be scheduled for automated delivery to an unlimited number of users, OfficeWatch SL makes it simple for small businesses to manage all call activity without needing to manage their call reporting software.  The shop can easily pull or schedule reports to include data filtering by call classification, call duration, call direction (inbound, outbound, internal), as well as advanced reports detailing trunk line usage, DNIS call activity, abandoned calls among many other choices.

For more information about how OfficeWatch SL Professional helps companies to control costs, identify voice network needs, and improve security, visit Metropolis Corp at or call 954.414.2900 to request report samples.

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