Toll Fraud Alarms

Is a $30,000 phone bill the first notice you receive that your VoIP was hacked?

911 alertsReceive proactive alerts for expensive calls and potential phone abuse

The estimated global telecom toll fraud is $72 billion in losses per year. Though any PBX can be targeted, the number is rising for small to medium companies and VoIP customers. Telemanagement systems with toll fraud detection like OfficeWatch and ProfitWatch notify you whenever a call's expense or duration exceed a set threshold, so immediate action can be taken to secure the network.

  • Detect Phone Abuse
  • Alert VoIP Hacking Attempts
  • Identify Long Duraction Calls
  • Integrate With Any PBX
  • Receive Alerts Via Email, Text, and PopUp with Audio
  • Locate High Cost Calls
  • Notify Unlimited Recipients

The phone system network used to get its security from being closed, but VoIP phones can be just as bad as computers..."

Bruce Scheider, Security Expert
Call Tracking for Business

Toll Fraud Solutions

Real Time 911 Alerts Help

Manage Liability for University

Case Study

toll fraud Case Study

A Seattle firm received a phone bill for over $20,000 in a single month due to VoIP hacking. Read the Case Study to see how they solved this problem.

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