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"We love OfficeWatch 7.0 - PC-based business call accounting from Metropolis Corp (La Jolla, CA - 954-414-2900, Though the package can poll from remote sites (and has recently been made compatible with IP/FTP call record buffers from WTI and Omnitronix), it also sports powerful realtime traffic-monitoring features. It watches for alarm conditions, telabuse, and emergencies (e.g., someone dials 911) and alerts you by spoken prompt, audible alarm, pager and/or email. Realtime traffic and trunk-utilization graphs give you a "heads up" display of PBX functionality. A unique HotSpot Map lets you visualize where calls are going by destination geographic region - useful for, among other things, tracking telabuse."
Communications Convergence Magazine
"Our organization has used both OfficeWatch and ProfitWatch for the last 3 years. We've found the programs to be very flexible and easy to use. And the few times that we've needed software support, the Metropolis personnel have all been very responsive and knowledgeable." 
Ky. Department of Parks
Kerry Lamb
"The service I have received from every part of the Metropolis Corp organization has been phenomenal and I would confidently recommend them for all your call accounting software needs. Their ability to react quickly and provide top quality service on a moment's notice is the best I've ever seen."
Daycom Systems, Inc
Ericka Bautista
"I'm as impressed with Metropolis Corp' service as with their product, they're both great. I actually held a training session today with the people who'll be using the software (mostly executives) and everyone was very impressed with your unique twist on an otherwise boring and, let's face it, unexciting genre of software (call accounting). When I was finished with the session, people who weren't even supposed to use the program wanted access to it."
La Agencia de Orci
Steven Bridges
"Metropolis Corp has been very helpful with handling any issues that come up. They were very easy to get in touch with and also very friendly. Special kudos to them for taking the extra step to ensure our problem was fixed. Good job!"
Language Services Associates
John Schafer
"OfficeWatch is user friendly and Metropolis provides excellent support. I have never experienced a wait when I needed help. Office watch has paid for itself several times over."
Franklin-Pierce Associates
Edward A. Blum, president
"Three cheers for uniqueness!"
Teleconnect Magazine
"Call accounting data never looked so concise!"
Communications Convergence Magazine
"Since getting our system in July, 2000, we have seen our revenue POR grow 21 percent year over year and overall phone departmental profit has grown 88 percent!"
Sioux Falls City Centre
Tom Bosch

"I have been installing Metropolis' OfficeWatch and ProfitWatch for over two years now, and I can say without hesitation that it has been the best product to install, train and support of all the applications that I am responsible for.

The user interface is easy very intuitive, reports are just a few shortcut clicks away, and the graphical representation of the calls that are being made and the profit margin, make getting information a snap. You can set it to e-mail you a specific report at a certain time. I love to demonstrate to the customer how the computer “tells” you which extension called 911, or if the PBX is not responding. Also the new TrafficWatch feature is absolutely terrific. This information tool will save some companies a lot of money. And I have yet to run across and computer, operating system and PBX that this program won’t work on. Their tech support is always available, and I have yet to stump them with a problem.

If I had to install and support only one product, it would be Metropolis.

My favorite support story is: I have a customer who is a three-hour drive away from my office. He purchased ProfitWatch, and requested that I install it on a computer that he would provide. I drove to the customer site (three hours), installed the software (15 minutes), configured it for his PBX and property management system (25 minutes – 10 minutes was to Metropolis after hours tech support to walk me through a new setting I had never done before) and created an emergency rescue diskette (1 minute). Since the program defaults all extensions to guest designation, I didn’t have to program in all 200 extensions, and the customer said he would program his administrative extensions himself. I installed the demo version on the customers desktop PC and showed him how to use the product (30 minutes). I then drove back to the office (another 3 hours).

Two days later I got a call from the customer that the computer he provided crashed and the hard drive was gone. I told him that once they got another computer up and running, install the software and run the emergency rescue diskette that I created. It took the customer 20 minutes to restore his program and he was back up and collecting call data, saving me a 6 hour round trip drive, and a lot of revenue for him."

Expanets of Southern California
Matthew Bryant
"What a pleasure! Love at 1st contact with their very friendly and knowledgeable sales department, excellent support and a product that is second to none. The software itself is easy to sell, install, configure and maintain. My customers and I Love it, what more could you ask!"
Ross Alarm Service
Rick Dame
“As usual, you have ANSWERED ALL OF MY QUESTIONS PERFECTLY! Thanks. I must say that out of all the dealers I work with, METROPOLIS rates as #1 in customer service! You have been just great in responding to my inquiries.”
Progressive Communications, Honolulu
Wendi Okano-Kim



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