Powerful Call Reporting for Your Business

OfficeWatch XT is a powerful telemanagement application for Cisco designed to simplify the management of the voice network and unveil communication trends so you can optimize your workforce productivity, minimize business liability and costs, and boost revenue.

XT Telemanagement Highlights

Rich Analytics for your Voice Network


Intuitive navigation design and point-and-click fuctions make it easy for anyone to use our XT Solution within minutes.

250+ Report Templates

Out of the box, Metropolis includes over 250 report templates to make it easy to review the key performance indicators you need.

Automation Options

Schedule reports for automatic delivery and setup custom notifications to gain visibility without managing the software.

Easy to Customize & Scale

For single-site, low call volume implementation up to high capacity global enterprise configurations with thousands of sites, XT is configurable to handle it all; and integrates seamlessly with Cisco Call Manager.

Alarm Notifications

Reduce liability with site-specific 911, PBX offline, toll fraud, and custom threshold alarm notifications that are sent via screen pop-up, email, and even via text.

Training & 24/7 Support

We are known for providing responsive sales, customer service, training, and technical support for your needs, on your schedule.

Measure Performance Metrics

Gain valuable insight into the performance of your team with over 250 automatable report templates, hunt group reporting, inbound, outbound, and internal call details.

  • Improve Customer Service

    Motivate your team through monitoring and track their progress toward daily inbound or outbound call efforts, call duration, and ring time statistics.

  • Monitor Inbound Leads

    Analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to generate inbound calls with DNIS call reporting.

Call Report for Staff Productivity
Trunk, Sip, Voice Network Analysis

Optimize the Voice Network

Prevent callers from receiving busy signals and reduce trunk expenses by monitoring trunk capacity and right-sizing your voice network.

  • Trunk, Line, and Gateway Traffic Analysis

    Easy-to-read graphical traffic report allows you to view trunk utilization and identify time(s) of the day when channels in each trunk at at capacity.

  • Trunk/SIP Group Monitoring

    Consolidate and organize trunk/SIP information for concise ad-hoc or automated reporting.

Identify Threats & Reduce Liability

Features such as toll fraud monitoring, call plotting, and custom alarming notify users of supicious and unauthorized usage to prevent future abuse. Plus site-specific 911 alerts keep you informed of emergency situations for quick response.

  • Site-Specific 911 Alerts

    Notify key personnel via email, SMS text, and screen pop-up whenever an emergency call has been made.

  • Toll Fraud & Hacking Alarms

    Get alerted whenever suspicious phone activity is detected with toll fraud and custom alarming thresholds.

Call Alarms and Toll Fraud Notifications


Harness the Data Your Phone System Can Reveal

250+ Reports

On-Demand or Automated
  • Export as HTML, CSV, Excel, PDF
  • Scheduled & Memorized Reports
  • Ring Time, Duration, and Voicemail Reports
  • DNIS/Inbound Call Tracking
  • Advanced Custom Reports
  • Hunt Group & Abandoned Call Reports
  • Cradle-to-Grave Reports
+ More

System Features

XT Telemanagement
  • Classification/Reporting Levels
  • PBX Offline Alerts
  • Toll Fraud & Custom Alarms
  • Site-Specific 911 Call Notification
  • Trunk Analysis & Voice Optimization
  • Active Directory/Runs as a Service
  • User Syncronization Directly from Call Manager
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Responsive Service & Support
  • Over 20 Years in the Industry
  • Interoperable with 80+ Systems
  • End-User Training
  • Flexible Billing Options
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Based Out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA
  • Exceptional 24/7 Technical Support
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