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Fort Lauderdale, Florida (March 29, 2018): A small non-profit community hospital knew they needed a better way to manage their communication network on their newly installed NEC SV9500 phone system. The not-for-profit acute-care facility supports their local physicians and the public by providing a full range of services from emergency care to outpatient procedures. Their communication network consisted of over 1400 endpoints that needed to be managed throughout the hospital. Five hundred of those lines were directly used by medical staff for interdepartmental contact and post-surgical callbacks for patients.

After the hospital reviewed several solutions that integrated with NEC, Metropolis' OfficeWatch Call Reporting was selected and installed. OfficeWatch tracks and logs all inbound and outbound phone traffic from the entire enterprise network and delivers that data via powerful reports that can be pulled manually or set up for automatic delivery to users.

With over 250 templated reports available, as well as custom report features, the hospital is now able to pull records on outbound activity, such as which patients were contacted and the duration of those conversations, as well as identify any abandoned calls that took place on inbound lines.

OfficeWatch also helps the hospital to protect itself from toll fraud and other phone hacking attempts by notifying personnel anytime suspicious call activity is detected. Telecom hacking has become a bigger concern of late as the instance of toll fraud costs businesses just under $5 million per year(source: the Communications Fraud Control Association) and denial of service threats targeting infrastructure facilities has been on the rise. By creating triggerable security notifications, the hospital's telecom staff can receive instant alerts as well as text messages and emails in the event of a threat.

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