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FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida - October 07, 2006 -- Metropolis Technologies, Inc. will attend Avaya’s 2007 Global Sales Kickoff and Partner Conference where its call accounting solutions, OfficeWatch Call Accounting for Business and ProfitWatch Hotel Call Accounting, will be showcased. The conference is being held in New Orleans and brings together over 2,200 Avaya Sales associates, including technical sales support teams, services teams, and over 1,000 members of the Avaya partner ecosystem, including Business Partners, Alliance Partners and DevConnect members. Metropolis Technologies is an Avaya DevConnect member.

The global-reaching DeveloperConnection (DevConnect) Program combines the capabilities of Avaya market-leading communications technologies with the innovative products of a unique group of third-party developers. For the past two years, DevConnect has been working with these developers to create some of the world's finest communications solutions. The DeveloperConnection Program taps experienced business and technology market leaders selected by Avaya for their expertise in hardware, software and other services.

OfficeWatch Call Accounting for Business and ProfitWatch Hotel Call Accounting has been installed in thousands of companies and hotels of all sizes and is recognized for its powerful features, intuitive user interface and speedy installation. Metropolis Technologies, Inc. has been a provider of call accounting software for both the hospitality industry and general businesses since 1993 and markets ProfitWatch and OfficeWatch both domestically and internationally through direct and indirect sales with select OEM agreements.


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