Old Nortel System Gets New Tricks with XT Telemanagement

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Call Reporting Solution Bridges Feature Gaps Left From Old Technology

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Sept 29, 2017): Thirty years ago, Health Partner Plans opened their doors with the mission to serve the communities in Pennsylvania with health maintenance plans, educational resources and outreach support and to help them live healthier, fuller lives.  Today the organization has grown to over 280,000 members in more than eight PA counties.   To improve the health of their communities, Health Partners has to be able to reach their members, which is why communication is a large part of their strategy. 

Dealing with the Legacy
Handling call traffic to support 40 hospitals and 6,400 health care providers is no easy feat, and Health Plan Partners became concerned with identifying missed calls and evaluating call traffic volume throughout their voice network.

One challenge Health Partners faced was finding a solution to integrate with their existing Nortel CS1000, as their PBX is no longer being manufactured after Nortel went out of business in 2009.  Replacing the system was not in the budget – it would require all new hardware including new servers and new endpoint phones.  Luckily, the customer had a strong relationship with their Avaya phone vendor that supports Nortel phone systems, and recommended a product that could help them bridge the feature gaps they were looking for from their system by leveraging the data available and delivering it in a user friendly format.  That product was OfficeWatch XT Telemanagement from Metropolis Technologies. 

Better Communication Tracking
OfficeWatch XT is a flagship call reporting product that integrates with over 150 PBX and PMS systems, even legacy hardware, such as the Nortel CS1000, to deliver advanced call analytics, trunk analysis, and triggered alert notifications.  In addition to over 250 templated reports, XT enables Health Partner’s to develop an array of custom reports and even schedule those reports for automated delivery. 
While there are a handful of solutions that provide reporting on trunk capacity, Metropolis’ OfficeWatch XT also includes TrafficWatch, a feature that not only reports on trunk activity, but also provides trunk grouping options plus trunk capacity alerts.  These alerts notify users when capacity has reached its upper limit, as well as the duration of that capacity breach.  XT can monitor a mixture of analog, PRI, and SIP lines on the communication network enabling Health Partners to benchmark their existing communication infrastructure as well as forecast future needs. 

Reliable, Long-Lasting Technology
As a non-profit, longevity of every purchase decision is critical when looking to invest in technology.  Interoperability, support, and scalability were also top of mind and XT interoperates with almost any PBX system, ensuring that in the event Health Partners desired to replace their legacy communication system, their XT system would also be there. 
Working in tandem with their Reseller, Metropolis performed the installation very quickly via a remote installation session, then setup training with HPP to train administrators how to get the most from their solution.  After installation, Health Partners were able to determine which DNIS their calls were coming in from, calling patterns, and to identify any missed calls so they could best serve their member base, as well as handle its growth in the future.

About Metropolis Technologies, Inc.
For over twenty years, Metropolis Technologies has provided advanced call accounting, 911/emergency management and telemanagement applications for businesses of all types in the US and abroad. Their easy to use applications integrate seamlessly with Cisco UC products to provide advanced call notifications, toll fraud detection and trunk analysis tools, helping organizations to reduce liability, increase revenue, minimize expenses and boost productivity.   For more information, please visit http://www.metropolis.com or follow Metropolis on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

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