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SAN DIEGO, California - August 30, 2002 -- Metropolis Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of call accounting solutions for the hospitality industry and general businesses, is pleased to announce that their ProfitWatch and OfficeWatch call accounting systems have been Fusion Certified by NEC America, Inc. for compatibility with NEC PBX telephone systems. ProfitWatch and OfficeWatch are two of only three call accounting products that have been Fusion Certified by NEC, a global leader in high technology and a Global Fortune 500 company.

Fusion Certified Products are non-NEC products that are certified by NEC through collaborative testing in NEC's Fusion Test Lab. Extensive testing of ProfitWatch and OfficeWatch was completed at the NEC Fusion Lab in Irving, Texas in August 2002. Tests ensured that the software was compatible with NEC’s PBXs for outgoing, incoming and station-to-station phone call collection and processing.

“OfficeWatch and ProfitWatch from Metropolis Technologies can help NEC dealers add greater value to their call accounting solutions,” said Mike Rosen, general manager, NEC America Corporate Networks Group. “NEC is pleased to have these products certified in the Fusion Strategic Alliance Program."

ProfitWatch Hotel Call Accounting and OfficeWatch Call Accounting for Businesses are Windows-based call accounting solutions that are widely recognized for their innovative features that streamline telecom operations within hotels and businesses, including speaking alarms, customizable toll-fraud alerts, and in-depth trunk usage analysis utilities.

Metropolis Technologies, Inc. has been a provider of call accounting software for both the hospitality industry and general businesses since 1993. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Metropolis Technologies, Inc. markets ProfitWatch and OfficeWatch both domestically and internationally through direct and indirect sales with select OEM agreements.

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