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Huntington County Government Cuts Telecom Costs by 67%

Thanks To A New Mitel Platform and OfficeWatch Telemanagment

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (July 18, 2013) - Huntington County Government is able to accurately track and reduce their telecom costs thanks to a new Mitel Unified Communications Platform including OfficeWatch Telemanagement.  The deployment and design of the new system was implemented by Metropolis partner Gibson Teldata.

“We had several older Nortel phone systems throughout the county and even a few NEC systems,” explained J. Ryan Wall, Information Systems Director for the County.  “It was a hodgepodge with different vendors managing each department.  I.T. would call us to work on their varied systems but we were unable to help them because we didn’t have the qualifications.”

Wall began to investigate vendors in the county to explore a unified communication solution that would help the county simplify the management of their phone system and reduce costs.  After speaking with many of his colleagues, Wall decided to reach out to recommended reseller Gibson Teldata, a leading Mitel phone system provider that specializes in solution-driven communication products.

“Gibson is top notch,” commented Wall.  “It is one of the reasons we went with them, especially after I talked with other customers they have worked with.  If I have a question, they have been good about getting right back to me with an answer.”

“Huntington County had an older Nortel solution in three physical facilities that was no longer meeting their needs,” described Dorothy Jones, Senior Account Executive at Gibson.   “We installed a new Mitel UC Solution that included wireless solutions and voicemail.  With this, we were able to consolidate all of their trunking services and get that down to two PRIs.” 

In addition to standardizing the phone systems among the offices with a core Mitel Solution, Huntington needed a call accounting solution that would allow them to look at assessments using account codes and to pull auditing reports on those assessments.   Jones suggested OfficeWatch Telemanagement which would eliminate the department’s need to manually extract costs from their phone bill to break down charges by internal departments. 

“Metropolis’ OfficeWatch is one of our primary call accounting systems,” Jones added. “Among our choices, it is easier to work with, easier to upgrade, and the package is easy to implement.”

OfficeWatch Telemanagement integrates seamlessly into the Mitel 3300 phone system to enable businesses to gain insight into call patterns, telecom costs, and phone abuse within the organization.  In addition to over 200+ reporting templates, the telemanagement solution includes rate tables to easily associate costs with the calls, improving budgeting and departmental accountability for government clients. 

“It has been a cost savings for us,” claimed Wall, who cited an almost 67% cost savings after the system installation.  “OfficeWatch is able to break down our long distance bill which is the variable cost we couldn’t get our hands on.  In times when tax rate funding in Indiana is limited by numerous factors, now the individual departments can pay for only what they need and use.  The county general fund was paying over $3,000 per month originally and after the project was completed to include breakouts in OfficeWatch, it will drive us down to only $995 per month.” 

Wall concluded, “I have and will continue to recommend Gibson whenever I have the opportunity.  And I would wholeheartedly recommend OfficeWatch as well.”

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