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Metropolis and Scannex Announce Partnership

Fort Lauderdale , Florida (July 12, 2012)Metropolis Technologies, Inc., a premier telemanagement solutions provider, is pleased to announce their partnership with Scannex LLC. Established in 1978, Scannex has built a worldwide reputation for data collection and secure remote management products with leading edge proprietary technology.

Scannex buffer boxes combined with OfficeWatch Telemanagement or ProfitWatch Call Accounting provide powerful security solutions for companies that want to go the extra mile to ensure data capture and network protection. Scannex buffer boxes connect directly with the PBX to capture CDR/SMDR and prevent data loss. This is particularly helpful in businesses where a computer or server may be turned off for a period of time or in the event of a hardware failure. The buffer boxes can also serve as a connection tool to transport serial data across an IP connection, eliminating the need to run direct connections between devices that may be housed in different regions.

We have worked with Scannex on multiple installations and I am always impressed with their level of knowledge and customer service. The ease of installation makes it a good choice for our partners.”

Steve Friscia, Senior Support Technician, Metropolis Technologies

Metropolis products are developed with the user in mind, and intuitive features and easy installation is a key element in their application. Scannex buffer boxes compliment Metropolis features with "plug & play" technology with the PBX, making installation simple. These devices have been tested on multiple PBX platforms in conjunction with OfficeWatch and ProfitWatch, including Avaya, NEC, Cisco, Samsung, and legacy systems that may still be using serial port technology.

"Scannex is extremely pleased to be associated with Metropolis Technologies. Over the past few years we have found that they are very professional and knowledgeable about their products and understanding of their clients immediate and long term requirements. Our partnership has helped in securing some top rated accounts by using the Office Watch/Profit Watch software solutions with our easy to use and reliable ip.buffer range of hardware."

Terry Kelly, VP of Sales, Scannex
About Scannex

Scannex was established in 1978 and has built a strong reputation for quality, performance, and reliability. They provide products ranging from simple RS232 buffers to intelligent network devices, uniquely offering automatic and easy installation. Their products are primarily targeted at the PBX CDR/SMDR, alarms, and switch administration (Moves and Changes) markets. All products include Scannex's proprietary RS232 technology that automatically resolves pin outs, data speed and protocol.

About Metropolis Technologies, Inc.

Metropolis Technologies, Inc. is a leading telemanagement solution provider for telecom management and call accounting. The company’s distinctive product offerings, OfficeWatch, ProfitWatch, and AgentWatch provide visibility through call tracking, robust reporting modules, expense management, and trunk analysis. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Metropolis has provided solutions to businesses throughout North America as well as on a global scale since 1993

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