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FORT LAUDERDALE , Florida - April 04, 2006 -- Metropolis Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of call accounting solutions to the hospitality and general business industries, has relocated its main office from San Diego, California to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in order to concentrate efforts on the Eastern and mid-Western marketplaces. “In the last 12 years, Metropolis has worked hard to earn a good reputation and high profile as a leading call accounting manufacturer on the West coast,” said Erynn Dalton, Vice-President of Sales for Metropolis Technologies. “We decided it was time to further concentrate our efforts on the East coast in order to solidify our position as the leading call accounting provider in the United States."

Metropolis Technologies, Inc. is a progressive software company that has been a provider of call accounting software for both the hospitality industry and general businesses since 1993. Metropolis specializes in the hospitality industry and markets its call accounting products, ProfitWatch for Hotels and OfficeWatch for Businesses, both domestically and internationally through direct and indirect sales with select OEM agreements.


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