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FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – April 2, 2010-- Metropolis Technologies, a leading manufacturer of telemanagement solutions for the United States’ armed forces and government agencies, is pleased to announce that its ProfitWatch system has been implemented by three air force bases, including Bolling AFB in Tennessee, Hickam AFB in Hawaii and Naples AFB in Italy. The Air Force uses ProfitWatch at their inns to enable the billing of guests, soldiers and family members making telephone calls from their hotel rooms. ProfitWatch passes the phone call charges to the hotel’s property management system, allowing guests to be provided a comprehensive folio at the end of their stay. ProfitWatch is also being used in this capacity at other air force bases throughout the United States and abroad, including Eglin, Travis and Keesler Air Force Bases.

The Mission Statement for Air Force inns is to p rovide quality lodging facilities and service to authorized personnel to maintain mission readiness and quality of life, while keeping official travel costs to a minimum. Air Force inns are conveniently located around the world at the majority of Air Force Installations.

Metropolis Technologies, Inc. has been a provider of telemangement solutions for the Armed Forces and government agencies since 1993. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Metropolis Technologies, Inc. provides OfficeWatch for Businesses and ProfitWatch for Hotels directly to end-users and select resellers globally.


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