Burlington County Gets Voice Network Capacity Management Tool

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Metropolis Offers Trunk Analysis Alerts, Grouping Reports, and More

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (March 31, 2017): Burlington County, NJ is steeped in historical relevance with numerous state and nationally registered sites, including multiple underground railroad stops, all located within a 102 square mile radius.   Almost half a million residents call this county home, and the County Government is charged with managing numerous service departments ranging from Corrections to the Health Department to the School System.

The Challenge:

With so many residents counting on the support from their government, Burlington knew they needed to ensure their residents could reach their various service departments, and that they could accurately budget costs back to each division and forecast growth needs.  Their Avaya Communication Manager voice network held a plethora of useful data among it’s multiple gateways, but Burlington had no way to harness it.  The County needed the ability to plan for voice network growth by assessing the current operating levels of key unified communications components.  They also needed the ability to group and monitor a mixture of analog, PRI, and SIP lines.  That is when they turned to Metropolis and their OfficeWatch XT Telecommunication platform.

OfficeWatch XT collects and reports on the data available from the Avaya CM to monitor the health of the voice network channels, establish baseline capacity, forecast growth, and also includes over 250+ reports and bill back capacity to establish usage rates per service unit. 

Why Monitor and Analyze Voice Trunks?

While analog trunk lines carry a single channel of voice call per line, PRI’s carry 23 channels of voice communications simultaneously, making management of these communication channels much more productive, but also more complex.  Today’s voice network includes a mixture of these channels as well as SIP Trunks for VOIP (Voice Over IP or calls that are transmitted via gateways over the internet).  By proactively managing this information, organizations can prevent callers from receiving busy signals as well as right-size their voice network to eliminate lines that are not in use.

 While there are a handful of solutions that provide reporting on trunk capacity, Metropolis’ OfficeWatch XT also includes TrafficWatch, a feature that not only reports on trunk activity, but also provides trunk grouping options plus trunk capacity alerts.  These alerts notify users when capacity has reached its upper limit, as well as the duration of that capacity breach, so users can proactively monitor the network; not just passively review reports. 

The Result:

With the installation of XT, Burlington County was able to benchmark their current usage as well as schedule periodic automated reports to continually monitor growth trends.  Moving forward, they will continue to have the ability to locate under-utilized phone lines, failed routing structures, and determine performance needs to improve efficiency.  Should additional lines be required, the Gateway and Trunk Grouping reports can also help them to make the transition to new SIP lines by arming them with the data they need.

Ready to Learn More? 

Learn what Metropolis’ voice trunk monitoring solutions can do for your organization by visiting Metropolis.com.

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