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Fort Lauderdale , Florida (March 18, 2011)–Metropolis Technologies, Inc., a premier telemanagement solutions provider, is pleased to announce that Holland Christian Homes has decided to employ Metropolis’ ProfitWatch software within their organization. ProfitWatch is a real-time software application that provides Holland Christian Homes with the ability to track and monitor calls through unique management tools, flexible billing, exclusive features and customizable reports and graphs.

One of the central reasons for Holland Christian Homes choosing ProfitWatch was its sophisticated alarms. ProfitWatch notifies staff of emergency situations and also has 911 alarms and alerts via synthesized voice, text messages, emails or pager notifications. This feature played a critical role in their decision to choose ProfitWatch, as did its personalized billing options and call cost tracking capabilities.

Holland Christian Homes , in partnership with residents, tenants and caregivers, provide a caring community, based on traditional Christian values, for seniors. Located in Brampton, Ontario, Holland Christian Homes also provide a continuum of care to meet the needs of everyone while recognizing each person’s individuality and dignity.

About Metropolis Technologies, Inc.

Metropolis Technologies, Inc. is an elite telemanagement solutions provider that has designed, developed and produced cutting-edge software applications for all types of businesses. The company’s distinctive product offerings, OfficeWatch and ProfitWatch, are completely user-friendly, flexible, customizable and offer exclusive features. OfficeWatch is for businesses in the small-to-medium, enterprise, education, energy, financial, government, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, retail and technology sectors, to name a few, and ProfitWatch is geared towards the hospitality industry. Most recently, Metropolis launched AgentWatch, another real-time software solution designed specifically for call centers.

With headquarters located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Metropolis provides solutions to businesses throughout North America as well as on a global scale. For more information, please visit


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