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Fort Lauderdale , Florida (March 16, 2011)–Metropolis Technologies, Inc., a premier telemanagement solutions provider, is pleased to announce D.M. Figley’s decision to utilize two of Metropolis’ software applications for the betterment of their organization. They selected OfficeWatch and AgentWatch, both of which operate in real-time.

D.M. Figley needed to know exactly where calls are being made to, where calls are coming from, the duration of calls and costs of calls. OfficeWatch caught their eye because of its unique features such as the ability to track and monitor all calls and extensions and the ability to receive 911 emergency call alarms and alerts via synthesized voice, text messages, emails or pager notifications.

AgentWatch, a call center management solution, provides cradle-to-grave tools for detailed reporting, inbound and outbound live call monitoring and exclusive features such as ring time, satisfaction level and service level meters. These are all factors why D.M. Figley deemed it necessary to employ this solution within their organization.

D.M. Figley is a one-stop shop for sealants, waterproofing and concrete repair materials offering jobsite and technical assistance to all of their customers. D.M. Figley has a broad product mix and carries the industry’s top manufacturers. They also have a wide range of products in stock for immediate delivery. D.M. Figley has locations in Menlo Park, California; Fresno, California; Anaheim, California; Oakland, California; and Sacramento, California.

About Metropolis Technologies, Inc.

Metropolis Technologies, Inc. is an elite telemanagement solutions provider that has designed, developed and produced cutting-edge software applications for all types of businesses. The company’s distinctive product offerings, OfficeWatch and ProfitWatch, are completely user-friendly, flexible, customizable and offer exclusive features. OfficeWatch is for businesses in the small-to-medium, enterprise, education, energy, financial, government, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, retail and technology sectors, to name a few, and ProfitWatch is geared towards the hospitality industry. Most recently, Metropolis launched AgentWatch, another real-time software solution designed specifically for call centers.

With headquarters located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Metropolis provides solutions to businesses throughout North America as well as on a global scale. For more information, please visit


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