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Historic Hotel Uses ProfitWatch SL Pro to Manage Calls

Fort Lauderdale , Florida (February 27, 2017): Step aboard the legendary Queen Mary and discover why this ship is unlike any other hotel ever experienced.  Stationed since 1967 in Long Beach, CA, the stately luxury ocean liner invites guests to slumber in one of 346 richly adorned staterooms or one of nine suites aboard a landmark of a generation past.

Despite it’s regal, vintage visage, the Queen Mary is no antique when it comes to technology.  Equipped with a Mitel 3300 PBX System, the hotel was ready to upgrade their call accounting software and connect the ocean liner’s call logging with their port location for accurate tracking.  After receiving a recommendation from their sister property who was already a Metropolis customer, the Queen Mary selected ProfitWatch SL Pro Call Accounting. 

ProfitWatch SL Pro accurately logs all calls throughout the organization and easily applies configurable rates for revenue generation.  As the Queen has multiple boutique shops and entertainment venues on the vessel as well, one of their IT Team’s selection criteria for the new call accounting software was that it be able to centralize bill-back from multiple sites.  ProfitWatch does this and more by collecting all of the call data from on-board and off-site port phones, then easily applies custom rate tables for bill back per call classification.

To help properties to limit liability, ProfitWatch includes offline alerts for the PBX or PMS system, and triggers 911-call alerts whenever an emergency call is placed, helping the property comply with Kari’s Law. ProfitWatch also includes toll fraud alerts.

Toll fraud is a risk which costs business owners $46 billion in the US each year.  Toll fraud occurs when hackers identify vulnerabilities in the PBX, such as an unsecured voicemail extension, then infiltrate the network to make outbound, often international, phone calls on the victim’s dime.  To protect themselves from this scheme, the Queen setup ProfitWatch’s toll fraud alerts which monitor the network and send notifications via screen pop-up, SMS text, and email if any suspicious calls are detected. 

As the guests soundly sleep in their cabins beside the sea, the Queen Mary is protected knowing that ProfitWatch is on deck to keep track of their communication network.

About Metropolis Technologies, Inc.

Metropolis Technologies is a long-standing MSA Developer Partner, as well as a partner with EarthBend, that has provided progressive telemanagement and call accounting solutions for all types of businesses since 1993. Metropolis’ products integrate seamlessly with Mitel phone systems to provide detailed call tracking, productivity reports, expensive call alerts, trunk analysis tools, and emergency notifications.  For more information, please visit or follow Metropolis on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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