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SAN DIEGO, California - February 11, 2002 -- Metropolis Technologies, Inc., an innovator of call accounting technology for the hospitality industry, has announced that Version 6.0 of ProfitWatch Hotel Call Accounting and OfficeWatch Business Call Accounting are now available. ProfitWatch 6.0, which runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP contain many enhancements, including TrafficWatch, a unique utility which allows you to monitor trunk usage. View up-to-the-minute, detailed graphs to determine peak usage times and to see if you have enough or too much capacity.

Version 6.0 can now handle an unlimited number of account, authorization and pin codes. Departments may be based on account or authorization codes rather than on extensions. Call records containing valid pin codes will appear as though they originated from the pin code's extension. This feature is useful when roaming callers must have their calls mapped back to their primary extension.

In addition, all new ProfitWatch and OfficeWatch products now include a free year of support which includes; 24/7, live, technical support, rate table, area code, and software updates. Metropolis Technologies, Inc. prides itself on its fast, friendly and competent support personnel.

ProfitWatch Hotel Call Accounting is a feature-rich call accounting system created specifically for the hospitality industry that provides users with a familiar, easy-to-use Windows interface. The functionality is robust and provides unparalleled tools for reporting, billing, and tracking administrative and guest phone calls.

Metropolis Technologies, Inc. is a progressive software company that has been a provider of call accounting software for both the hospitality industry and general businesses since 1993. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Metropolis Technologies, Inc. specializes in the hospitality industry and markets ProfitWatch Hotel Call Accounting and OfficeWatch Business call Accounting both domestically and internationally through direct and indirect sales with select OEM agreements.

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